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What were the Smart Home Trends of 2018?

As technology continues to change the way people manage their daily lives, more homeowners are also relying on this technology to help them manage their homes. The technology allows them to automate tasks such as turning down the air to playing the newest song on their playlist. There are home management technology systems such as Amazon Echo and Google Home that are voice activated, as well as doorbell systems that perform double duty as security cameras. So, what were the smart home trends that you added to your household in 2018 that made your life easier?

According to several surveys, an average of 1000 homeowners decided to install smart home systems during their home renovation projects in 2018. As this technology continues to be fine-tuned, it will not be long before homeowners can deploy smart home features that have predictive capabilities. This means that a homeowner may be alerted by their HVAC system that the air conditioning unit is on the verge of breaking down. Or, the traditional home theater system will be transformed into one that is state-of-the-art that can provide voice integration or 3D animation.

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As the newest wave of smart technology enters the market in 2019, let’s take a look at some of the smart home trends that entered the market in 2018.

Temperature Management

There are smart gadgets that gained popularity in 2018 like Nest. This technology allows homeowners to remotely control the temperature in their homes through an app. Temperature management smart technology can let you turn the heat on in your home while you are commuting back after a long day at work.

Some of this technology included geofencing functionality. RFID or GPS technology is used to create a geographic boundary. For example, if you want to move from one room in the home to another, the technology will automatically change the temperature to warm the room you are moving to.


Home security has come a long way from motion sensors and automatic timers for lights. The newest advancement in this industry has ramped up the capabilities of security cameras. Not only can these smart home security systems detect when someone is at your door, but there are also some systems that are taking it up a notch or two.

Some of these smart home security systems are using facial recognition software to identify a visitor. The software will alert you if someone you are expecting does not arrive at the predetermined time, and will also let you know if someone who does not live with you is attempting to enter your home.

There are also some smart home security systems that will allow you to program a notification for an alert if your children enter the living room after their bedtime.


gamingSmart technology has changed the way we enjoy entertainment in the home. There are many devices that were introduced in 2018 that catered to trends such as live television and movie streaming.

Gaming has also evolved, especially with the introduction of voice-activated virtual reality headsets.

These are just some of the smart home trends that homeowners used in 2018. As these trends continue, homeowners will reap the advantages of utilising intelligent home upgrades that can improve their quality of life.